Piazza Cashmere Mens Scarf and Large Scarf

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Thick Slubby hand twisted pashmina yarn is randomly dip-dyed in one color and woven into our fine plain cashmere. The effect is an organic broken check.

Plain weave with thick slub check.

The fiber in this Scarf is the finest cashmere from the Changra goat, which lives in Ladakh in India. The fiber is hand woven in Kashmir into this beautiful scarf.

Composition : 100% Pashmina

Size: 100 x 200 cms or 40 x 80 inches  50 x 200 cms or 20 x 80 inches

Care and Maintenance: Dry clean only. Warm iron.

The ends are finished with a natural fringe.

Each piece bears the Kashmir Loom Signature in Farsi language, embroidered in the corner. A mark of our quality.

Packaging: Each piece is tissue wrapped and packaged in a natural muslin envelope bag with a button loop closure with a postcard detailing the individual product make. Made in India.

Colors may vary slightly due to lighting conditions.