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Textile historian, designer and co-founder of Kashmir Loom, Housego has helped inspire a generation of skilled craftsmen and set up one of the finest ateliers dealing in Cashmere. In this issue, she shares a photo album of Kashmir Loom and its impeccable, lustrous pashmina.

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One woman's quest to find a legendary shawl painted by John Singer Sargent
Houghton hall in Norforlk UK
Decades after he painted them, Sargent’s dramatic representations captured the imagination of his great-niece, English textile authority Jenny Housego, whose grandmother, Violet Sargent Ormond, was the artist’s sister. A former curator at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Housego moved to New Delhi in 1989, devoting herself to the creation of luxurious handmade textiles. Read More
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British textile historian Jenny Housego talks about her memoir, A Woven Life
Jenny Housego, Founder Kashmir Loom
Through her memoir, A Woven Life, co-written by journalist Maya Mirchandani, she takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing the adventurous journey she undertook from war-hit England to the valleys of Kashmir. This, however, was not the life she had planned while growing up during the Cold War. “I had imagined myself sitting astride the Berlin Wall sending entirely wrong information to both the British and German army, while working as a spy!” she laughs. Read Now

How to save it: the Kashmiri shawl
Painters and poets have long been entranced by its finely woven folds, but the future of the Kashmiri shawl is far from certain. 
Victoria Frolova reports

How to save it: the Kashmiri shawl | Kashmir Loom

Cashmere by John Singer Sargent, 1908 – one of the many artworks inspired by the Kashmiri shawl | Image: Archivart/Alamy Stock Photo

A chair by Tom Dixon sits at the foot of Jewelry Designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s bed, with a Kashmir Loom blanket in her Paris apartment.


How to Visit Kashmir by HANYA YANAGIHARA


A long weekend in Jaipur with Marie-Helene de Taillac. The jewellery designer (and Pink City local) takes Christina Ohly Evans on a tour of magnificent palaces, vibrant markets and thoroughly chic cafes and hotels.


No need to go to India for the finest pashminas
It’s the soft, soft wool that makes these pashminas special

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Where to shop in Srinagar Kashmir Loom

Where to shop in Srinagar:  From pherans to fruit, Jasreen Mayal Khanna explores the offerings in Kashmir’s capital and comes away richer.