Frangia Cashmere Cape

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For a versatile dresser. Wear it long or short! The luscious thick and long fringes add drama to any outfit.

Please allow 3-4 weeks to ship.

The fibre in this cape is the finest cashmere from the Changra goat, which lives in Ladakh in India. The fibre is hand spun and hand woven in Kashmir into this beautiful cape.

Composition : 100% Pashmina

Care and Maintenance: Dry clean only. Warm iron.

Ends are finished with a natural fringe.

Each piece bears the Kashmir Loom Signature in pharsi language, embroidered in the corner. A mark of our quality.

Packaging : Each piece is tissue wrapped and packaged in a natural muslin envelope bag with a button loop closure with a postcard detailing the individual product make. Made in India.