Sozni Neemdor Koundar Hand Embroidered Large Pashmina Shawl Fuschia

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Intricate borders in an age-old design passed down through generations ornament the Neemdor Shawl. Each stitch is precisely placed to create a symphony of color, design, and craft. The design is placed like in traditional Koundar shawls, where each of the four corners is adorned with a carefully coordinated motif.

Hand-Embroidery is a highly skilled profession that remains even today remians deeply steeped in the Kashmiri Sufi tradition. Embroidery becomes a form of meditation; of focused attention to the meticulous standards imposed by the art in which every tiny stitch is part of a jewel-like mosaic.

Style: Hand Embroidered Sozni Neemdor Pashmina Shawl

Composition: 100% Pashmina

Size: 115 x 230 cms or 45 x 90 inches.

Care and Maintenance: Dry clean only. Warm iron.

The ends are finished in a hand-combed natural fringe.

Each piece bears the Kashmir Loom Signature in Farsi language, embroidered in the corner, a mark of our quality.

Packaging: Each piece is tissue wrapped and packaged in a natural muslin envelope bag with a button loop closure with a postcard detailing the individual product make.

Handmade in India.

Slight variations in each handmade piece are not imperfections but add to their individual charm!

 Colors may vary slightly due to lighting conditions.