Kani Weave Cashmere Shawls

The Kashmir shawl has been an item of luxury consumption since the sixteenth century, of these the Kani weave cashmere shawls hold a special value, as this craft is specific to the Kashmir valley, and there are few master craftsmen today capable of this delicate work. Like an impressionist painting, Kani weave shawls are beautiful recreations of nature inspired designs using a very fine twill tapestry technique, where the yarn is wrapped around a Kan which is a pointed stick, hence the name Kani.
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The Deccan Collection Metallic Kani weave

Cashmere Shawls Founders Jenny Housego and Asaf Ali have always loved the striking Deccan motifs, inlaid in silver, gold and brass, into the pristine black metal alloy used in bidriware objects. Inspired by these beautiful objects the idea took root to infuse a new design vocabulary into the traditional craft of Kani weaving. Always at the forefront of innovating with traditional craft practices, Kashmir Loom’s Deccan Collection of Kani weave cashmere shawls for the first time has introduced the use of metallized yarns in this very fine twill tapestry weave. It took three years in development to perfect the art of weaving these gossamer metallic yarns into our finest cashmere.
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Sozni Embroidered Cashmere Shawls

It is mostly men who execute the very finest embroidery that is always practiced on pashmina. This is a highly skilled profession that remains even today deeply steeped in the Kashmiri Sufi tradition. Embroidery becomes a form of meditation; of focused attention to the meticulous standards imposed by the art in which every tiny stitch is part of a jewel -like mosaic.
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Contemporary Weaves

Pashmina, also known as Lena by the native in Ladakh, hand combed from the high altitude Changra goat is the purest cashmere. This delicate gossamer yarn is spun and woven by hand in our workshops in Kashmir. Our belief in preserving the rich heritage of the region, together with the exquisite skill of our master weavers and embroiderers has inspired a collection of both traditional and contemporary pieces. Each product bears our embroidered signature, a mark of authentic quality and unique design.
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Lustrous Metallic Cashmere

The metallic & cashmere weaves are a signature Kashmir Loom creation. Beautiful double-sided shawls and stoles are created with soft shimmer of metallics on one side, and natural gossamer cashmere on the other. Delicate metallic yarns in hues Gold, Silver, Copper and Rose Gold have are hand-woven with the finest of cashmere by our master weavers, who have been an integral part of our journey of innovation and celebration of the crafts of Kashmir.


Our hand-woven Throws and Blankets celebrate the beauty of pashmina in their simplicity. Thick hand twisted cashmere yarn is used to create this super warm and super soft range with subtle herringbone and twill textures. 

Papier Maché

Our love for striking Deccan motifs, inlaid into the rich ebony metal alloy used in Bidriware objects has inspired this small capsule of Papier Mache objects. We did not have to look very far to start work on this collection, with Asaf’s maternal uncle Sayed Maqbool Hussain, a national awardwinning papier mâché artist in the family! He has worked tirelessly to realize our design vision for these exquisite pieces. The intricate designs on each object are hand drawn and painted with great care and precision.
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