Paisley Buta Hand Embroidered Wool Choga Jester

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Choga, a loose-fitted, long-sleeved robe with an open front, gained popularity in the Mughal courts of India around the 17th century. The word "choga" is of Altaic origin, akin to the Turkish word "çuha," meaning cloth. Today, these chogas offer versatile functionality.

Our collection of beautiful woolen chogas, inspired by vintage styles, showcases fine  Kashidakari hand-embroidery from Kashmir. Traditional motifs from the region, ranging from flowers to paisleys, come together to create intricate border edging, with an elaborate pattern on the back.

The choga is lined with hand-block printed Ajrakh Silk in natural dyes, created by master artisans in the quaint town of Ajrakhpur in Kutch, Gujarat. This collaboration provides us with a wonderful opportunity to work with specialized crafts around India while ensuring a considered finish to the garment.

Style: Hand Embroidered Wool

Composition: Merino Wool Shell. Hand block printed silk lining.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL, Free Size ( Please refer to size chart to select the right size for you)

Fit: Comfortable

Care and Maintenance: Dry clean only. Warm iron.

Packaging: Each piece is tissue wrapped and packaged in a natural muslin envelope bag, with a cotton organza coat cover.

Handmade in India.

Slight variations in each handmade piece are not imperfections, but add to their individual charm!

Colors may vary slightly due to lighting conditions.