Papier Mâché

Founders Jenny Housego and Asaf Ali have always loved the striking Deccan motifs, inlaid into the rich ebony metal alloy used in bidriware objects. We did not have to look very far to start work on this collection, with Asaf’s maternal uncle Sayed Maqbool Hussain, a national award-winning papier mâché artist in the family! He has worked tirelessly to realize our design vision for these exquisite pieces. The intricate designs on each object are hand drawn and painted with great care and precision. 


Kashmir Loom Papier Mache


Kani Weave Cashmere Shawls

The Kashmir shawl has been an item of luxury consumption since the sixteenth century, of these the Kani weave cashmere shawls hold a special value, as this craft is specific to the Kashmir valley, and there are few master craftsmen today capable of this delicate work. Like an impressionist painting, Kani weave shawls are beautiful recreations of nature inspired designs using a very fine twill tapestry technique, where the yarn is wrapped around a Kan which is a pointed stick, hence the name Kani.



 Sozni Embroidered Cashmere Shawls

It is mostly men who execute the very finest embroidery that is always practiced on pashmina. This is a highly skilled profession that remains even today deeply steeped in the Kashmiri Sufi tradition. Embroidery becomes a form of meditation; of focused attention to the meticulous standards imposed by the art in which every tiny stitch is part of a jewel -like mosaic.