Our Lena Cashmere collection is a luxurious set of wraps and shawls, made for the truly discerning customer. It is an extremely fine product designed by Jenny Housego and offered mostly in undyed shades, woven into sophisticated simplicity.

Lena, also known as pashmina in the soft, thick undercoat that keeps the beautiful changra goat warm through the freezing high altitude winters of Tibet and Ladakh. Each spring it is gently and lovingly combed out by hand by the locals, so the animals are unperturbed, then it is hand spun into gossamer–fine yarn, and traditionally woven on our own ancient handloom in the Kashmir Valley.

The name “pashmina” has been usurped by commercial products of recent times, and so Kashmir loom decided to call their products made from this extraordinary fibre by the Ladakhi name “Lena”. We trust you will appreciate the extraordinary qualities of this collection.
Lena Cashmere